WSFFM 2008




Minister of Tourism, Malaysia


“ WSFFM 2008”

30 August – The Curve , 10 am




WSFFM Exco Members

Distinguished Guests

Members of the Media,


A very Good Morning to All


First and foremost I would like to thank the Organiser for inviting me to say a few words in conjunction with Fitness First and WSFFM’s Women’s Wellness Programme.


1.   The theme “Bring out the Beautiful You, Within You” is important and essential, especially for all of us women who are conscious in promoting women’s health and quality of life through knowledge and understanding.


        2.   Ever since Malaysia gained her independence 51 years ago, a considerable number of achievements in nation building were by women. Compared to other developing nations, the women in Malaysia under the ruling Barisan Nasional government are truly blessed, more advanced, free and active in many fields, thus we are able to play a proactive role towards contributing to the nation’s growth. As such the involvement in the execution of the national development programs is truly commendable.


3.   I must also stress that the Government under the stewardship of the Honourable Prime Minister Abdullah Haji Ahmad Badawi guarantees that the women’s rights are duly protected. Women in Malaysia are free to choose and compete in an environment that used to be dominated by the male gender.


          4.   For that matter, the Barisan Government takes a serious view on the socio-economic development of women in this country. And as such, it has made provisions for Malaysian women to be more vocal, visible and active decision makers in the country. Such achievements can be easily seen in the many sectors where more and more women are holding distinctive positions such as; Professors, Deans, Heads of Departments, Doctors, Pilots, Lawyers, Scientists and many more.


Ladies and Gentlemen,

5.   Today’s event is a testimony of the harmonious involvement of the Government and the private sector in tackling the welfare of women. It is only through programs like this can we create awareness and provide help and care to women who have been contributing to the nation building to stay fit and healthy. Information such as; the prevention of breast cancer prevention and other related women’s issues are among the main concerns of women in Malaysia today.


6.   For the average Malaysian women, it is also important for an individual to feel beautiful both, on the outside and also inside. For this reason, one needs to look into three pertinent aspects which include the Mind, Body and Soul. 


7.    I am made to understand that the workshops and health clinics by the Organiser will provide good an opportunity for most women to empower themselves to take charge of their own health.


Ladies and Gentlemen,


Before I conclude, I would like to wish the Organiser every success and hope that more women will empower

themselves to benefit from this program.


After all, always remember, –

`The Hand that Rocks the Cradle, Rules the World!


Thank you.


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