MAH Annual Dinner

Speech by


Minister of Tourism Malaysia


Firstly, I would like to thank the Malaysian Association of Hotels, for inviting me to its Annual Dinner. When I first took over the ministry in March, among the first place I visited was the MAH headquarters.

This was to understand its role and gather feedback from the industry players. I was also quite impressed on how MAH operates in helping its members and the government to further develop the tourism sector.

Ladies and gentlemen;

Malaysia is truly Asia because of its multi-racial and multi-cultural makeup. This allows us to create a variety of tourism packages that will benefit the travelers.

The ministry is looking into new campaigns and programs. My officers are now planning for new horizons. The socio-cultural, trends and requirements of the populace have changed. So, we have to keep abreast and address.

Ideally what we need to see in the industry today is that hoteliers building commitments into hospitable and memorable platforms of customer satisfaction.

We should serve the visitors with a truly Malaysian identity. For that, I would like to invite all industry practitioners to strive to achieve customer loyalty that will emphasize on sustainable growth for the industry.

Hoteliers have to embrace this new positioning and this is really what the industry is all about which are being effective and credible.

I am sure, under the leadership of MAH, hoteliers will learn new skills to overcome constant competition and I believe this is the way to make us stronger. Therefore, we need all business partners and stakeholders in the tourism sector to move forward. There are opportunities to create better income and wealth for the nation.

The private sector should join forces to achieve our shared objective that will bring prosperity and benefit to everyone in the long run.

My Ministry is continuing with our programs to sell Malaysia to the world. We want as many foreigners to come to Malaysia.

Domestically, we are very fortunate for having equable climate throughout the year and thus very suitable for domestic tourism.  That is why the ministry recently launched the new Zoom! Malaysia campaign which is aimed at promoting new local tourism products to the rakyat.

In ending, my personal thanks to MAH for giving me this opportunity to be here and to share with you all on this auspicious dinner event.

Thank you.


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