Air Asia Celebration

YB Dato’ Sri Azalina Othman Said – Minister of Tourism, Malaysia Speech

AirAsia 50 Millionth Guest Celebration



Dato’ Aziz Bakar

Chairman of AirAsia Berhad

Dato’ Sri Tony Fernandes

Group Chief Executive Officer, AirAsia Berhad


Dato’ Kamarudin Meranun

Group Deputy Chief Executive Officer, AirAsia Berhad


Distinguished guests,


Media friends,


Ladies and gentlemen,


First and foremost, I would like to express my sincere gratitude to AirAsia for inviting me to this ceremony today. I applaud AirAsia’s contribution in promoting tourism in Malaysia as being a low fare carrier, it encourages more people around the region to visit the country.

The airlines vast network and connectivity made it easy for tourists to explore into many parts of beautiful Malaysia.


Air travel was seen as a luxury and was only enjoyed by the rich before this, but with the emergence of AirAsia, it brings a new meaning to flying. This is  because, it is now easy and affordable for almost everyone as the airlines recognises air travel as a necessity rather than a luxury.


We are proud to have an airline of AirAsia’s calibre, having won numerous awards and accolades which reflect its dedication in providing affordable but world class flight services.


In current times where many airlines are bogged down by the increasing oil prices, AirAsia is still going ahead with not only additional routes but also many innovations which sets new standards in the commercial aviation business; a positive development by a local airline.


Having said that, let us not forget why we are here today; to congratulate AirAsia for its success in achieving another great feat.  Reaching the 50 million guests mark is indeed a very high achievement, especially for an airline like AirAsia, considering its only six years old.


I would also like to take the opportunity to congratulate Ms Wendy Ng Tze Wee for being the lucky guest chosen as the 50 Millionth Guest by AirAsia. The high number of guests served by AirAsia clearly indicates Malaysia’s potential as a popular tourist destination, especially with easier access to popular holiday destinations, made possible by an airline like AirAsia, many tourists jumped at the opportunity to fly off and relax in leisure spots as often as they please.


One of the Ministry of Tourism’s aim is to promote the Zoom Campaign which was launched in May 2008, zooming and promoting the beautiful places in Malaysia to people all over the world. It is a program initiated, organised and launched by the government, and it is our utmost dream for it to be successful.












Malaysia is well known to be rich in culture, recreation, entertainment and marvelous delicacies. The Zoom campaign ensures attractive destinations that many are unaware of are made known to tourists worldwide. With this appeal, we are giving tourists a real reason to consider Malaysia as their preferred destination and eventually as a country to live in.


With AirAsia in the picture, it is a great boost in the Ministry’s effort in realising this dream as its vast network, connectivity and low fares are real appeals to tourists to come over to Malaysia and sample all the wonderful things the country has to offer without worrying about the initial traveling cost.


I am also proud to mention a collaboration between the Ministry of Tourism and AirAsia which will happen very soon, in order to increase tourism activities in Malaysia and with AirAsia’s credibility and world class services, I believe it will succeed.


In closing, I would like to again congratulate AirAsia for your great achievement and the Ministry of Tourism is looking forward to a great collaboration soon. I would also like to again thank AirAsia for having us here today.


And as we always say;





Thank you.




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